Stroke is a complex condition and those affected by stroke may have a wide range of problems. Therefore, an ESD team member may be faced with individuals who have diverse problems.

This training package is for anyone who provides services or support for those affected by stroke. The training has been based around these individual problems (much like the structure within the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, 2012). Using this structure will allow the ESD team member to access training that is relevant to their needs and means that the training will be relevant to all staff, irrespective of the ESD service model.

The modules are in five groups:

Each module starts with basic information about the problem and then progresses to higher level information, with an associated list of references for further reading and the recommendations for the problem from the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, 2012. Some modules have links to external training or resources, and most modules include an activity to help you with your learning, knowledge and understanding. The Learning Outcomes will be achieved from reading all sections of the module.

Each topic-specific module contains:


We would welcome your views on this training; please take a few minutes to answer a few short questions (it should only take about 10 minutes). The form can be downloaded here.